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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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In my heart I am forever young.... Like springtime, rose buds, chirping birds, green grass, caterpillars, Butterflies, tadpoles and bullfrogs, truly born again....

In my heart, I run through daisy filled fields barefoot, falling down, rolling around in their sweet fragrance...
I go to every playground and slide down every slide, swinging
On every swing, and swishing around on the merry-go-rounds..

In my heart, I'm running down the beach, Feeling the wet sand squishing up between my toes, ahhh...!!
Building sand castles, and listening for the sound of the ocean
In every seashell I find.... and giggling out loud with glee
When perhaps I happen upon a starfish or hermit crab....

In my heart, I will be forever young, seeing all things fresh and new, And never taking for granted all the glory and majesty
That God has bestowed upon me.

Author:  Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth

Copyright, December 31, 2000

All Rights Reserved