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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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I rescued a puppy yesterday

She was so small and helpless

Only four weeks old and cast away.


She had been placed in a dreadful, cardboard box

No food or water to be found, Sad and alone,

Left to cry on the cold, cold, ground.


I took her from this dreadful box

And held her in my arms,

Soon captivated by all her many charms.

What A sweet little Jazmine Flower.


I put her in a nice warm bath, fed and watered her

while feeling such wrath.

How could anyone stoop so low, to abandon

This tiny little life and cause her to suffer so?


I took her to a rescue, her future to be told

Instead her life was ended at one month old.

Despite my hopes for Jazmines tomorrow, all my

Heart feels now is sorrow.


Those whom I trusted to give her life a healthy start,

Instead gave Jazmine an injection to stop her little heart. 

It hurts me so to have been a part, of the stopping of this little

Ones heart, how can I trust again?


Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth

ęCopyright, April 21, 2004

All Rights Reserved

See you at the Rainbow Bridge