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B J's Short Stories & Poems

My Maternal Uncle, Clyde Sinclair Page

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 ©My Maternal Uncle, Clyde Sinclair Page


My Uncle Clyde was called to the other side on Thanksgiving Day, 1934, in Del Norte, Colorado due to complications of Bright’s Disease. He passed away before I was born at the young age of twenty-one.  Through the stories Momma told me about him, I felt like I knew him and always felt the loss of never having known him. 


Momma had already married when Uncle Clyde passed away and her and Daddy had moved to California.  She said it was one full year before she could cry.  She said, “She was washing dishes one afternoon and the tears began to flow; to begin the healing process from the loss of her younger brother at such a young age”.


Uncle Clyde had suffered several years with

Brights’s Disease more information about the

disease can be found here: 


Momma said he never complained even when he

was too weak to get out of bed.  He remained good

natured and cheerful till he drew his last breath.


The following is his Eulogy: 


Clyde Sinclair Page, 21 year old son of Mr. and

Mrs. L.L. Page who live on a ranch northwest of

town, died on Thanksgiving day, 1934.  Clyde was

born at Karval, Colorado, October 6, 1913.  Eight

years ago he came to Del Norte with his parents. 

He attended school here until his health became



Clyde was a good son and highly esteemed by

all who were privileged to make his acquaintance. 

His smile and cheerful disposition will long be remembered by his loved ones and friends.


All through his long and painful illness his courage

and patience never failed him.  Until his strength

failed he was ever ready to render a helping hand in

the work on the farm or around home and his early

call leaves pleasant memories in the lives of his

friends and loved ones.


Uncle Clyde climbed the stairway to

heaven on Thanksgiving Day, 1934. 

He was later joined by his Father,

Lloyd Lewellen Page in 1961, his

mother, Beulah Eakins-Page in 1971

and by my mother (his sister), Lucile Jane

Page-Ervin in 1987. There were eight

children in the Page family, two are

remaining today as I’m writing this story;

his sister, Marjorie Janus Page-Oberholtzer

and His brother Robert Duane Page, both

are living in Rifle, Colorado.


I have had Uncle Clyde on my mind lately and I

wanted to honor him on this Thanksgiving day

(so many years later) by telling his story. I only

wish I would have had the privilege of spending

some time with him and getting to know him.

I guess I will have to save that till we meet in heaven.


©Copyright, Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth,

November 24, 2005, ®All Rights Reserved






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