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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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This happened one August in the early 1970's. This is a true lifes experience and I have only shared it with a rare few.  Momma and I had gone to our California State Fair this one evening.  Our state fair takes place in August and runs through Labor Day.  Our summers get pretty hot here in the Sacramento Valley and this particular time was a beautiful summer evening.  I remember the nice, cool, Delta breeze and how much we appreciated it. And the fair wasnt too crowded.  Just a perfect evening to enjoy!


We did the usual things, attended all the exhibits of interest, I remember The Hall Of Flowers being exceptionally beautiful, and of course the livestock show.  We always looked forward to these two particular exhibits.  Momma had grown up on a farm in Colorado and of course I loved animals too.  We even listened to a live band.  We had a great dinner, and enjoyed each others company.  I remember laughing so much that night; just like a couple of School Girls.


We got tired finally and decided to head for home.  We left the fair grounds as we always did and somehow got off track, I will say, way off track!  It is as much a puzzlement to me today as it was back then.


We were driving and driving and I said to Momma, where in the world are we.  She said nothing looked familiar to her either.  Well, I knew if we kept going we would see something familiar soon.  After all, I had lived here my whole life, how could I get lost in my own hometown?


Well, we kept driving and nothing was looking familiar.  It was getting darker and we somehow had ended up out in the country.  I remember seeing a sign that read, Hogs for Sale.  I knew we were in trouble then, but we both laughed.  Momma and I were really getting scared as it was so dark and no city lights as we were accustomed to.  As we continued to drive we saw a car up ahead, it was a Volkswagen.  Momma said, pull over theres someone inside, I was scared and said no, that's not a safe thing to do.  Momma seemed to feel that it was okay.  So I pulled over and Momma rolled her window down part way.  There was a man inside with the most beautiful smile.  We explained what had happened to us.  He said, dont worry its okay, follow me and I will lead you back to the main highway.


So we followed this man with the beautiful smile in the Volkswagen.  And sure enough he led us back to the main highway out of the darkness.  We wanted to wave and thank him, but when we looked to our right to do so, he had vanished completely from the highway.


Momma said he was an angel that led us to safety; I think she was right.  I still get chills as I'm relating this story to you.  The small town where we had ended up was called: Pleasant Grove, can you believe that!  It turns out Pleasant Grove is approximately 26 miles from Sacramento.  I'll never figure out what happened that night, and probably never will.  But as Momma said, God sent an angel to rescue us!  God moves in mysterious ways, His miracles to perform!


Author, Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth

ęCopyright, March 25, 2004

All Rights Reserved

My Dad's 1st Car, Hupmobile Eight 1929
Note the hood ornament, I still have it today!