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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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Dear Heavenly Father


I thank you for your son Jesus

I thank you that your words were true

Just as you prophesized!!


Your son, Jesus was born into this world,

Our Lord and our King; In a lowly stable,

when He deserved the very best!


He humbly accepted His assignment

with love and obedience to you.


He came to this earth to give His life,

that we should believe And live eternally

with you in heaven.


He walked among us teaching and

performing His miracles for us all to see. 

Judas betrayed Him for pieces of silver

and dined at His Last Supper Table;

Just as Jesus said he would.


Jesus was scorned, beaten, spat upon, and

made to carry his Own dreaded cross. 

Jesus even ask you to forgive us for

we didnt  know what we had done.


He was given vinegar to quench his thirst,

and shed his precious blood on Calvary.


Even though He was crucified dead and

buried; He arose on the third day, Just

as you said He would.  He ascended into

heaven to sit at the right side of your

throne to reign through out eternity.


Because of Jesus' supreme sacrifice; we

that believe And accept Your Son as our

Lord and Savior, Have strength for today,

Hope for tomorrow And our name written

in your Book of Life.


For your continuous love and mercy on

me, and on us all, I give you thanks with

a joyous heart!  For you are the living God,

True and Faithful to the end. 

You are my TRUSTED friend.


I love you and worship you My Savior, My

Lord and My God.


In Jesus Name, Amen


Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth

ęCopyright, April 10, 2004

All Rights Reserved