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B J's Short Stories & Poems
Keeping Christ In Christmas
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ęKeeping Christ In Christmas


When I see the "X" in front of the letters, "mas" in the word

Christmas it has always hurt my heart because we wouldn’t

have Christmas without Christ Jesus.  He is the reason we

celebrate the season.


Christmas isn’t all the tinsel on the tree and all the credit cards

being charged at the mall.  Christmas is a time of love and giving

as our Heavenly Father so generously sent his son Jesus Christ

to earth to give us the greatest gift of all, “SALVATION”.


All the other things we do at Christmas time besides the

acknowledgement of our savior’s birth are supposed to be

filled with love and giving; not grudgingly but from our willing,

loving hearts.  The Lord loves a cheerful giver.


I don’t believe God wants us to go in debt to buy Christmas

presents for our family and friends.  In fact, I think He would

be offended.  Giving of ourselves, something we have taken

the time to make, lending a helping hand, a warm meal to share,

visiting someone ill or in a nursing home or hospital; these are

just a few of the gifts of love we can give at Christmas time.

The three Wise Men were the first to bring gifts to the Christ

Child.  Our tradition of giving to one another at Christmas time

is more than 2000 years old.  We must all turn our eyes, ears,

hearts and minds back to where it all began and even if you’ve

heard this miraculous story hundreds of times you need to read

and hear it again!


This Christmas as you’re scurrying around looking for just the

right gift pause for a moment to remember why we are giving.

Put that credit card back in your wallet and think of some way

that you can give of yourself this year!  And do it with great joy

and thankfulness in your hearts not with grumbling, fighting

crowds, frayed nerves, swollen feet and “Bah, humbug”.


I don’t think that is the way our Lord would like us to celebrate

His, “Miraculous Birth”.  Remember Jesus said, “The greatest

of all the commandments is that we love one another”.


So the next time you feel the urge to write, Xmas…  please don’t!

Let’s all remember to keep Christ in Christmas.  Not just on

December 25th but all year long!


ęCopyright, Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth,

December 3, 2005, «All rights reserved.