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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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Bill Walker, USAF, Korean War




I met my friend Bill online, January 24, 2005, after I read his story, “Pops”, that was posted on the Starfish Website. 


You see, I love doggies and truly love all God’s creatures for that matter. I am inclined also, to be found rooting for the under-dog, whether they be two-legged or four. I have also been known to suffer from excessive joy, when the under-dog, beats the odds, and comes out the other side a winner, it just does my heart good!


Well, this story of Bills was about a dog ending up with a life victorious, a true winner!   Pops overcome the odds of living his life as a racetrack dog.  The life of a racetrack dog is very cold and lonely for a dog.  Any of you who have dogs or know about dogs know that they are very social animals.  Pops had had been living out his life in a crate; when he wasn’t training or running on the track in a race.  He would have to travel from place to place in his crate; that was until, he wasn’t the fastest- runner  any longer. 


Well, this story ended up with a happy ending as Pops was rescued and got to live out the last ten years of his life as part of a real family, and he was loved!  Pops had beaten the odds and this time he was a real winner!


I emailed Bill to comment on Pop’s story and we have become great friends.  I write also, and we are having so much fun, communicating by email, sharing stories and everyday happenings.


Bill recently wrote a story, titled, “The Old Soldier Talking”.  This story was about all the wars the United States has fought in; from the soldier’s point of view.  It was factual as well as humanistic, a colorful account of what the soldiers experienced and felt while living and dying while enduring the hardships of battle.  Bill himself is also a Korean War Veteran.  My brother, Leroy and his best friends, Leonard, Kenneth and Harris were also.


Well, Bill submitted this story to a website that we both read and submit our writings to.  The reply he received back regarding this story really got my dander up.  The reply he received went like this, “I will publish your story, in fact I love it, but I will need to add a warning that it might not be suitable for every reader”, “I fear some might not like it and could be offended.”  Since it was an historical account of wars fought, freedom and gratitude, it beat me how that could offend anyone, but of course today, even God offends some folks.  Needless to say, Bill withdrew his story and told them to forget it!


This was truly bothering me, so I put together a page with his story, “The Old Soldier Talks” on my Memorial Day Website.  This page is complete with his picture and a musical tribute, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”. 


I am so pleased to be able to do this for Bill.  I just needed to even the score and to send a special thank you to the websites and other authors and friends for their positive comments and acceptance of this wonderful story with out any warnings or censorship.


Now wouldn’t you just know it, here comes a thank you note from Bill and an offer for one of, “Grandma’s of Beatrice, Nebraska’s”, famous fruit cakes.  They are world famous and were sent to our troops in Iraq.  Well after I made sure he knew I put the website together from my heart and not for payment, I graciously accepted the fruitcake offer after an, “Act Of Congress” and a “Bill In The Senate”.


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