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B J's Short Stories & Poems
My Love And I...
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©My Love and I...


Dancing and swirling under the moonlight with my love…

as the gentle breezes caress our skin and gently ripple through our hair.


My love and I swing and sway as one... gliding across the great abyss


I smile with delight as the moonlight bounces off of his dark hair and olive skin


My heart skips a beat as I gaze into his eyes

and my heart fills with warmth and delight.


All the while dancing and yet never missing a step, never missing a beat.


He gazes fondly into my green eyes and they speak of his love for me without speaking an audible word...


I can see my reflection in his beautiful eyes;

eyes as dark as the night with a sparkling glint of moonlight dancing there.


I can see the moonlight dancing off my fair skin

and my flowing flaxen locks…  as his lips are gently reaching down to caress mine.


This dance, this wonderful dance filled with wonder and delight will be forever in our hearts and never far from sight...  Eternally etched deeply in our souls and in our minds!


Oh, how I love thee my beloved one...  I long to feel your touch where are you my darling, I have been waiting for so long!


©Copyright, Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth,

January 31, 2006, ®All Rights Reserved