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B J's Short Stories & Poems

Brutus The Greeter

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ęBrutus The Greeter


There could be none sweeter as a welcoming greeter… than Brutus...  Down Isleton way on the Sacramento River Delta…


You always find more at Jan’s shop than just things to buy… 


The first experience of course was from the special greeter, Brutus.


He was a very large canine type fellow, Rot and Lab I believe.  He would be greeting you at the door.  His Fur as black as the night, he kept watch as any good sentry over the entrance to Jan’s shop.  As he greeted each one of us as we came to the door he would then escort us inside the shop.  Always keeping close watch on Jan.


Then you’re greeted by Jan with her warm smile and hello and some good conversation and then some sharing of Jan’s latest creations, which are fabulous by the way.  And sometimes Stormin' Norman even comes out to greet you and shares a story or two.  He’s the human type fellow there at Jan’s shop.  An occasional town’s person will drop by and join in the conversation that makes things complete.  Jan’s shop is a special place to visit and to shop.


Everyone in town and all frequent visitors know and love Brutus.  Brutus is even a hero who saved many from burning to death in a large group of building’s fire a while back.  The fire was at night while all were sleeping, but Brutus he sprang to the rescue and woke everyone up and got them all safely out without harm.  That was how special Brutus was filled with love and Caring for his Jan and Stormin’ Norman, all the neighbors and all who visited the shop.  Brutus made the town newspaper as a hero.  I can safely say Brutus was a very special fellow!


Things down Isleton way just won’t be quite the same without Brutus keeping watch and greeting us at the door.  But I have a feeling that he is still keeping watch and waiting at The Rainbow Bridge to greet and welcome us once more… another day!


Until we see you again dear Brutus, frolic in the meadows and run free with the others there, We’ll be happy when we See you again waiting at the bridge to greet us and to welcome us home.


ęBarbara J. Ervin-Weymouth, April 20, 2005, «All Rights Reserved