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B J's Short Stories & Poems
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I am the elusive one I hide behind my mask

Allowing only snippets, who am I, you ask?


I learned long ago to reveal myself to few

Once revealed, perhaps fear, perhaps envy,

Perhaps mockery or even ridicule?

Mistaking my kindness for weakness,

Who would embrace such a fool?


Oh, how I've longed for that unconditional love,

Love that keeps on giving and forgiving.

Where could I find it, on earth or from above?


I found it when I began to see things through the

Father's face, for there I found such merciful grace,

He looked straight through, into my heart,

I knew then I no longer needed the mask,

for All I had to do was ask,

His truth has set me free!


Barbara J. Ervin-Weymouth 

ęCopyright, June 3, 2004   

All rights Reserved